Could Your Circuit Breaker Box Use an Update?

Call for electrical service rebuilds in Claremore, Owasso & Tulsa, Oklahoma

Electrical equipment can start to malfunction after years of consistent use. Many items are built to last, but nothing's going to last forever. If you need an electrician to rebuild equipment at your residential or commercial space, call Jet 5 Electrical Services of Claremore, Oklahoma.
We complete electrical upgrades and rebuilds in the Sooner State. Our electricians specialize in circuit breaker and switch gear rebuilding and reconditioning services. Call our specialists today to discuss your needs.

Get your equipment back in shape

When your equipment isn't working up to par, you're paying for it every single day in electricity bills. Instead of finding a work-around for worn out equipment, call Jet 5 Electrical Services for assistance. We will:

  • Inspect and test the equipment to find faults
  • Disassemble the equipment as needed
  • Rebuild the unit while cleaning and lubricating parts
  • Test the final unit to ensure a quality solution

We promise your electrical equipment will work as good as new. Call Jet 5 Electrical Services today to schedule your rebuild or reconditioning service in Claremore, Owasso & Tulsa, OK.